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Visitors' market information of the canton Vaud

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The dashboard shows socio-economic and touristic statistics and general information of the various markets visiting canton Vaud and Switzerland. The dashboard includes data from OECD, Wikipedia, SECO, World Bank Group, and BFS.


Last update: 17.01.2024 07:31:53

Vaud Obseratory - Tourist behavior survey

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The report summarizes the results of the observatory tourism behaviour survey conducted among visitors of canton Vaud. The report comprises visitor profiles including information about their age, travelling purpose, country of residence. Furthermore, insights on tourist behaviour such as accommodation chosen, number of overnight stays, daily expenditure, satisfaction with tourism offers, use of local guest card. The survey is conducted annually to measure changes in the tourism behaviour of guests visiting the canton of Vaud.


Last update: 17.01.2024 07:29:25

Hotel overnight stays of canton Vaud, Switzerland and abroad

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The dashboard displays various datasets on tourist overnights stays in Switzerland and abroad. Applying the various filters, data can be presented for selected regions within Switzerland, countries, markets and time periods.


Last update: 17.01.2024 07:21:35