Tourism Data Category


Transaction data is a collection of transactions made by tourists. This includes reservations, current occupancy, sold services, payments, etc. If this data is anonymised, it is usefull for different data use cases.

Booking Transactions

Information on the number of accommodation bookings in Switzerland is recorded in two main statistics from the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (BFS), namely HESTA (hotel accommodation) and PASTA (supplementary accommodation). Eurostat’s Booking Platforms Data provides an aggregated view of overnight stays booked through OTAs such as, Airbnb, Expedia Group and Tripadvisor.

Platforms such as AirDNA , AllTheRooms and Transparent, just to name a few, extract the occupancy and booking status of holiday homes from OTAs such as AirBnB, Vrbo and so on.

BAK economics intelligence publishes studies and benchmarks on the Swiss tourism industry. Other sources and software providers for tourism benchmarking data are STR, Transparent, H-Benchmark, but these datasets are only available to clients with a subscription.

Payment Transactions

Payment transaction data from credit card companies and banks help to understand the purchasing behaviour of target groups. This knowledge can lead to new insights and opportunities. Possible data providers are credit card and payment providers such as Mastercard or Visa, or other payment partners.

Data source missing?

Do you know other important tourism-related data sources which are not mentioned above. Inputs about further data sources are welcome. Please contact us.

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