Tourism Data Use Cases

How to use tourism data in practice?

If data is not used, it remains worthless. With our use cases we try to show practical ways to use tourism-related data in order to solve current challenges, work on new products or services and create added value for tourism stakeholders.

Use Case 1

Dashboard – Swiss Tourism in Figures

Technological revolution and ongoing processes of digitalisation  are resulting in more and more data being collected and analysed.

Since 90% of the information transmitted into the human brain is visual, data visualization is essential to make data easier to understand, to identify patterns, trends and outliers in data sets.

Data can be visualised in form of dashboards – a visual representation of the most important information, consolidated and arranged on a single screen. Dashboards allow decision makers to have all data at hand to make data-driven decision.

The aim of this use case is to develop a dashboard that present the most important swiss tourism data that is published by the STV (Schweizer Tourismus Verband) in form of a booklet titled Swiss Tourism in Figures (de. Schweizer Tourismus in Zahlen).

Use Case 2

Visitor Behaviour Analysis

Analysing and monitoring visitor behaviour, including their mobility patterns, is an old concern that science and the tourism industry have tried to solve. Due to the lack of access to the data or their insufficient quality, this goal has not yet been fully achieved.

The aim of this use case is to analyse the behaviour of visitors in a defined location, in a specific time period.

Our idea for analysing visitor behaviour is based on the combination of several complementary data sources. By using a variety of tourism and tourism-related data sources, it will be possible to obtain the most accurate and complete picture possible.

This website was created as part of Resilient Tourism Project (Suproject 1: - National Data Infrastructure for Tourism).  Resilient Tourism is one of 15 flagship projects approved and supported by the Innosuisse- Swiss Innovation Agency. Flagship projects are systemic and transdisciplinary innovations that are central to current and future economic and social challenges in Switzerland.