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There are several research institutes, well-known consulting companies and numerous tourism associations that research the tourism sector in Switzerland. These companies and institutions publish reports, analyses and forecasts that can serve as benchmarks for the tourism industry.

Analysis and Forecasts from Research Institutions

Google Scholar is a freely accessible search engine for academic articles, where various research papers and analyses about tourism can be found.

The dataset search Google is a platform to search for data pools, which are stored in different data repositories on the web. The website allows you to find relevant data pools and data sets for a specific keyword.

There are also a number of universities that research tourism and publish current projects/analyses on their websites. These are the following:

Analysis and Forecasts from Consultancies

BAK economic intelligence is an independent Swiss economic research and consulting institute that publishes studies on tourism in Switzerland. These include benchmark studies, forecasts for the Swiss tourism industry and local analyses of the impact of tourism in a particular city or municipality. Also, the big four consulting companies in Switzerland publish from time to time studies about the tourism industry, to name a few examples


Analysis and Forecasts from Industry Associations (Benchmarking)

There are different industry associations in the tourism sector. These associations often share insights and benchmarks about their sector. More information can be found here:

Raw Data from Science

Raw data from science refers to the unprocessed and unanalyzed data that is collected during experiments and research studies. This data is typically in the form of numerical values, measurements, and observations and is often recorded in tables or spreadsheets. Examples of the sources of raw data from science are listed below: 

Data on Tourism Market Development

Data on the development of the tourism market can be found on various platforms such as Switzerland Tourism, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) or Statista.

UNWTO shares around 140 key tourism statistics. The data is collected by UNWTO through a series of annual questionnaires. They also present key indicators in a global tourism dashboard.

Our World in Data prepares all kinds of data, and their reports, visualisations, data and articles are free and accessible to everyone. Their work can be used under the Creative Common BY licence unless otherwise stated.

Statista is a leading provider of market and consumer data for various industries. Statista presents data on the travel, tourism and hospitality industry as well as detailed market insights for a specific country or the whole world. Some of Statista’s data is free to access, while others require a paid subscription.

Market Research in Tourism

The Market Research team of Switzerland Tourism (ST) is the competence centre for data analysis of the Swiss Tourism sector. ST Market Research is also responsible for the largest national guest survey, the Tourism Monitor Switzerland (TMS).

The research team collects, prepares, and visualizes all kinds of data on Swiss tourism like market indicators, accommodation statistics, global market conditions, overnight distribution, tourism objectives and information about target markets.

Some aggregated information is available for free and for the in-depth analysis, a membership of Switzerland Tourism is necessary. In some cases, associations also publish survey results for specific industries.

Data source missing?

Do you know other important data sources which are not mentioned above. Inputs about further data sources are welcome. Please contact us.

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