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Points of Interest (POIs) are places that may be of interest to people. A POI consists of geospatial information, such as latitude and longitude, and additional attributes about the object. POIs are often accompanied by media content such as images and videos. Routes, in this case, are presented as routes of interest to visitors. Both routes and POIs are essential to the Swiss tourism industry as these are often searched for and used by tourists.


Routes in Switzerland are available on the federal geoportal as well as on SchweizMobil, Outdooractive and Guidle.

Points of Interest (POI)

The website of Guidle collects and publishes information on different POI’s. Sources that allow you to download or export this information are POIbase, OpenStreetMap or OpenStreetBrowser. Another website that visualises POIs coming from OSM is GEOPORTAL.

Geospatial Data

The federal geoportal contains various geodata on Switzerland. Most of the data can be downloaded or used via WMS services in various GIS systems, such as QGIS. QGIS is an open-source software for viewing, editing and analysing geodata.

Well-known providers of street maps are Google and Apple, but these data are not free to use. Open Street Map (OSM) is similar to these two providers, but because it is an open-source project, the data is freely available and can be used for own purposes. The GEOPORTAL website publishes geodata for certain cantons and municipalities.

Tourism-related data source missing?

Do you know other important swiss tourism data sources which are not mentioned above. Inputs about further sources are welcome. Please contact us.

This website was created as part of Resilient Tourism Project (Suproject 1: - National Data Infrastructure for Tourism).  Resilient Tourism is one of 15 flagship projects approved and supported by the Innosuisse- Swiss Innovation Agency. Flagship projects are systemic and transdisciplinary innovations that are central to current and future economic and social challenges in Switzerland.